Lee,  I loved hearing about your grandmother.  I absolutely adored my
grandparents, and in the 1940's they had a large farm with cows, horses, 
chickens, ducks etc. Their house was a big 20 room victorian and had 5 
stories counting the basement, first floor, second floor, a full third 
floor and a big attic. My cousins and I could play hide and go seek and 
not find each other for hours!

You and I are both fortunate to have had such wonderful grandparents.
Mine have been gone for many many years, but I still miss them.


On 09-15, Lee Evans wrote:
>    This was a long time ago, in the 1950's when there were still private
>    butchers and my grandmother would buy her chickens from the butcher who
>    would pluck them there in the store so some feathers were always left
>    on. Yes, she was from Odessa, Russia and only spoke German and Russian.
>    She would tell me (in German and broken English) that the coffee was a
>    French recipe. My grandfather had traveled all the way from France
>    across Europe to Russia. He was an itinerant philosophy professor and
>    "taught" his way across Europe at Universities. The French coffee was
>    probably his idea. I was too young to drink coffee but it was
>    traditional to put some in my milk. Then I would watch the coffee
>    grains float. I loved my grandmother. She was very kind to me and I
>    loved visiting her because I could go through the mysterious wardrobes
>    and inspect the dresses and hats my aunt created. The building was in
>    an ethnic neighborhood in New York City, the doors were never locked
>    and people of every color and language were constantly walking in and
>    out, as were dogs and cats from the area. I picked up a rudimentary
>    understanding of quite a few languages before I was a teenager. There
>    were always strangers in the apartment having coffee or a meal and
>    conversations with my grandmother or my uncle and always some dog or
>    cat being fed in the hallway.
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