I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you and Homey. It is wonderful you have 
found some open-minded vets. Please let us all know if you get good results. 
Certainly, the information I found online strongly suggests CBD Oil is quite 
effective in cases of hyperthyroidism in humans, but I think the trick always 
is in getting the correct strain. Sadly, given the decades of labelling 
everything from the cannabis and hemp plants as criminal, science and medicine 
has lagged far behind in understanding the potential of these plants. My 
understanding is that there are certain strains which have shown excellent 
results with hyperthyroidism, and I myself am still exploring how to obtain the 
strains you need for the conditions you seek to treat. I’m in Canada, and 
although everything is now legal here, it is a mess in terms of understanding 
this stuff. In Ontario, they closed down almost all of the dispensaries and 
small shops which had the expertise in this stuff, and I think that was just a 
bozo move to make. As I understand it, in states like Colorado where they left 
these dispensaries after legalizing medical marijuana, the folks who actually 
understood stuff about the different strains, could be found in those shops to 
guide you.

Hopefully, your vets have resources available to them to ensure that the right 
strains are obtained.


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Computer acting up, not sure if my message got thru.
Homey is not felv, Shalie was.  Harley and Dee are not felv and I got them at 
Walmart, lady was giving away.  I chewed her out and she said visitors 
accidently let her out and she became pregnant.  nicely explained that if she 
was not breeding to sell kittens, is best for her cat and herself to get her 
spayed.  I believe in spay/neuter so we don't end up with more kittens to be 
killed on streets, being used to "blood" fighting dogs or killed in shelters.  
Homey was feral.  I am against the Iodine because of the long seperation period 
would be hard on her and the rest of us.  She has always slept on my bed .  
PLUS MY EXPERIENCE with Shali.  Can't do this to another of my fur babies.  I 
have contacted 2 vets who have used medical cannibus with good results and am 
contacting my vets who have been open minded about alternative medicine.  
Hopefully they will be willing to supervise her treatment for me.  downloading 
info from new vets for them.

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Got in now. Yes, it’s true that most of our conversations relate to FeLV cats, 
but Dlgegg has a lot of cats (like many of us on this chatline) and we also 
sometimes just see
if others in the group may have experience with other conditions.

Good information you have provided regarding hyperthyroidism. Thank you,


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As this group is FeLVtalk, I assumed that cats discussed here are FeLV-positive 
unless the writer says otherwise.

Yes, I would indeed hesitate to put a FeLV cat through I-131 therapy. We’ve 
seen many of our rescues go temporarily hypothyroid (ie, underactive thyroid) 
for 2
or more months as the treatment, after it is administered, gradually kills the 
overactive thyroid nodules and the healthy thyroid tissue has to wake back up. 
This happening is known to veterinarians administering I-131 and is one reason 
they recommend waiting
to test the thyroid until 60 days after treatment.

Sometimes, though, the cat’s thyroid becomes oversuppressed because too much 
tissue was destroyed, and the cat needs supplementation with thyroid hormone. 
In two
of our cases, permanent supplementation became necessary.

This is meaningful to FeLV (and FIV) cats because when the thyroid gland is 
working too slowly, the immune system can also slow down. This has been seen in 
and in dogs, so I suspect cats would be affected as well.  So, for my own FIV 
cat and for my cousin’s FeLV kitty who we baby-sit, I wouldn’t use I-131 
therapy without thinking hard about it, especially if the cat is doing well on 

Hope this helps,

- Lorraine

"Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no 
one can imagine."  - Alan Turing

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And in your post, you indicated “In spite of our mostly good experiences with 
I-131, I would think hard before
putting a FeLV cat through it”. I hadn’t seen a reference to the FeLV status of 
Dlgegg’s cat, and that is what I was referencing. You seemed to be suggesting 
that you had had good experience with the radioactive iodine treatment but 
would reticent to contemplate
the use of that treatment on a FeLV cat.


From: Felvtalk 
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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Hyper thyroid in cats

Amani, I’m not sure who you’re addressing with this latest message, or what you 
mean by “don’t
remember that being mentioned,” but I was responding to the original poster 
<mailto:dlg...@windstream.net-see>– see bottom) who said that her cat is on 
Felimazole and that one of her prior cats did badly after I-131 (radioactive 

- Lorraine

Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Hyper thyroid in cats

Did I miss something in the original post about FeLV? I don’t remember that 
being mentioned.

Anyhow, I would reiterate my suggestion to look into CBD Oil if that is also a 
concern, given the lack of any side-effects reported with its use. CBD Oil 
could be used along
with the Felimazole, as it would not likely have any interference with the 
other medication, if there was a concern regarding discontinuing one to start 
the other. However, if you get a good result, you would have difficulty knowing 
which was responsible.


Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Hyper thyroid in cats

We have taken numerous cats to Radiocat for iodine-131 treatment -- at least 10 
-- in the past 15-20 years. In spite of our mostly good experiences with I-131, 
I would think hard before
putting a FeLV cat through it. If the Felimazole is working, I would be 
inclined to continue with it.

But if you do want to try I-131 therapy, I would first have a FeLV ‘viral load’ 
test run. Scanelis in France offers it. I can pass along the info your vet 
would need to draw the blood
Scanelis would need to run the test. They are in the south of France, near 
Toulouse, and do speak English of course, so communicating is just fine. The 
cost was about (USD) $109 plus shipping, about $200 altogether.
It’s unfortunate that no US company runs a similar test, not even the older 
cd4:c8 ratio that I found useful. Sigh.
Best regards,
On April 18, 2019 at 3:12 PM 
<dlg...@windstream.net<mailto:dlg...@windstream.net>> wrote:
Hello everyoone,

I have a 12 year old former feral who was diagnosed with hyper thyroid 
yesterday.  Herm level is 4.7 and she is one meds, 2.5mg of Felimazole morning 
and evening.  I had one cat about 10 years ago that we did radioactive iodine.  
the isolation was very hard
on her and she went downhill after she got home, bleeeding from nose, etc.  
don't really want to repeat that.  Homey is especially bonded with me and has 
been my caregiver since my heart surgery.  she has alerted me to one time of 
gasping for air in the night
and 3 instances of low sugar.  she sleeps plastered to my chest and when she is 
on my lap, holds on to me .  I am very attached to her and do not want to loose 
her so am hoping meds work.

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