Have that on my plate, but so far no GI problems, in fact she has not up 
chucked once since we started it.  also watching boxes, no loose stools either. 
 She has in fact been less irritable with Harley and has settled into her old 
routine.  also not eating as much.  I plan to weigh her Monday to be sure she 
has not lost weight.  she has a follow up vet appt in 4 weeks.Thank everyone 
for your help, I am not looking to loosing anyone soon.  In fact I have made 
arrangements with a no kill shelter in St. Louis to take all 3 when I pass.  
They will keep up with any meds and continue their favorite food.  A member of 
my church will drive them in with their toys, beds, condos, etc.  at 78, is 
likely I will go first.  have this locked into my will.
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-->You might also want to consider the methimazole gel that can be rubbed onto 
the inside of the tip of the ear. We’ve had great luck with that. It bypasses 
all the GI upset that oral methimazole can cause. - Lorraine On April 18, 2019 
at 3:12 PM "dlg...@windstream.net" <dlg...@windstream.net> wrote:Hello 
I have a 12 year old former feral who was diagnosed with hyper thyroid 
yesterday.  Herm level is 4.7 and she is one meds, 2.5mg of Felimazole morning 
and evening.  I had one cat about 10 years ago that we did radioactive iodine.  
the isolation was very hard
on her and she went downhill after she got home, bleeeding from nose, etc.  
don't really want to repeat that.  Homey is especially bonded with me and has 
been my caregiver since my heart surgery.  she has alerted me to one time of 
gasping for air in the night
and 3 instances of low sugar.  she sleeps plastered to my chest and when she is 
on my lap, holds on to me .  I am very attached to her and do not want to loose 
her so am hoping meds work.    
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