So, all options would be good!
I'll try to explain the problem as it manifests for me:

Sometimes I'll enter say some violin, then switch to Bb Clarinet, enter a D written, hear a D concert, automatically delete the D written and replace with a C written, hear the correct pitch (concert C), move onto next note, realise that I'm an idiot, go back and put the D in..

I'm already transposing to write the D, in transposed brainmode the concert D I hear on entry is unrelated to anything and causes checking the stave and the transposition and a dozen other things.

On my list of behavioral adjustments for Finale this is way down...!
Top of the list would be the ability to drag anything I click on.

Steve P.

I want it the way it is! I love being able to enter either transposed parts (with the sound off, so I don't get screwed up) or concert pitch parts. None of this should be removed!

I would like the option to hear concert pitch when I enter pitches on a transposed staff, however. If the keyboard makes an A note when I want to hear Finale's alto sax playing back C concert, I can just turn off the volume on my keyboard. This would be a great option.


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