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Tuesday, April 17, 2012, 10:57:41 AM, Bruno wrote:

> The guy know all this in advance. He knows that if comp is true, he
> will survive the duplication, and that, in all possible future
> personal situation, he will feel to be in only one city, with an
> inferred doppelganger in the other city.

No, in my view "he" will experience being in each city (both cities)
with an inferred doppelganger in the other city, because "he" is
one before the procedure and two after. This is very counter-intuitive
regarding personal identity but it is the logical consequence of your

> So, if he is asked in Helsinki where he will feel to be, he can
> only answer that he will feel to be in W or in M, but without being
> able to be sure if he will feel to be in W or that he will feel to be in M.

Looking forward, pre-bifurcation, the rational expectation is that his
identity will split, so that both post-bifurcation versions are
genuinely him, and there is no reason for the pre-bifurcation version
to choose either city as his destination, he genuinely has two
simultaneous destinations, in this scenario one person
(pre-bifurcation) can be in two places at once (post-bifurcation).

Robin Faichney

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