I don't see why people make such a distinction between designer and
I think, espessially in the flash environment, this distinction is very
vague and you'll see
alot of designers doing programmer work and vice versa. That said I think
that anyone who
was used to as2 and the way things worked has to invest some time before
completely comfortable with the new language and everything that surrounds
it. Most designers
I see in my environment are actually quite cool with it and don't have any
real problems, other
than the discomfort of getting used to something and getting the feel for
it, which takes time
but doesn't neceserally mean that as3 is so much more complex that as2, I
actually believe
that in some ways as3 can be easier to work with than its predecessors. But
that's just my
view on things.

On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 10:43 AM, daniele tassone <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> I agree with this point.
> I use with no particular difficult c#, sql, asp.net, java, as3, as2, Flex
> and i think that
> as3 is better than as2/as1 because my skill give me the opportunity to work
> with
> a language that can be great (that is at "first" version ... so with a
> little bit of problem).
> But designer that work with me are not happy, and for a more and more
> project
> i have difficult to use AS3 because the world don't use AS3;
> I think that onClipEvent and on(...) is important for designer like "class"
> is important for programmer.
> Introduce again this concept, or build a new product "for designer" is a
> must for Adobe.
> daniele tassone
> 2008/7/17 Beatrix Krümmer-Frau <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> >
> > Juan Pablo Califano schrieb:
> > > I agree with the article and with what Steve has pointed out already.
> > > Even from an historical point of view, I think that what made the flash
> > > platform ubiquitous was that many people started to create cool stuff
> for
> > > it.
> > Hi,
> > at this point i just want to remember what the pioneers, the masters of
> > flash, did for the success of Flash. Remember Ray of Light from Yasuto
> > Suga - the reason i started learning flash. With this "little" Banners
> > and experimentations, Desigerns work and Programmers effords -> Flash
> > grew and became what it is today. Flash needs both, also in the future,
> > i hope Colin this is what you mean in your article.
> >
> > Beatrix
> >
> >
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