The only one that makes any sense is #2, and that is being addressed with
Loader.unloadAndStop(), except for the most part I'm kind of wary about
having the Loader class tear my loaded swfs a new one. I kind of agree with
Sacks when he more subtly articulates that this is for noobs. I was
expecting charges more along the lines of "Remove auto-declare stage
instances and ever having to declare stage instances and just use
getChildByName()." - but I guess that would be a charge against the Flash.

Thats my two cents.


On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 10:46 PM, Kerry Thompson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> Steven Sacks wrote:
> > Flash used to be a toy, and, up until Flash 8, it still could be....The
> reason
> > you see so much BAD Flash is because it was SO EASY to use for even non
> > programmers.
> Steven has a point (even though I cut most of his post). Remember the days
> when Flash's nickname was "Skip-intro"?
> The Internet has changed, and will continue to change. It has gotten more
> sophisticated. Browsers have gotten more sophisticated. Users have gotten
> more sophisticated. To keep Flash/Flex as a premier Web development tool,
> it
> has to get more sophisticated, and its users must get more sophisticated.
> Having said that, I'd like to see Flash have drag-and-drop behaviors like
> Director has. In its first decade or so, Director followed a similar path
> as
> Flash. It started out as a simple animation tool with an easy-to-use
> language, and developed into a sophisticated programmer's tool. The
> introduction of drag-and-drop behaviors brought it back into the realm of
> the designer, while remaining a sophisticated programmer's tool.
> Of course, Macromedia made a number of blunders with Director/Shockwave
> that, I hope, will not be repeated by Adobe on Flash. Making it more
> sophisticated was not one of those blunders, though.
> Cordially,
> Kerry Thompson
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