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>> I don't see why people make such a distinction between designer and
>> programmer, I think, espessially in the flash environment, this distinction 
>> is very
>> vague and you'll see alot of designers doing programmer work and vice versa. 

Because it all comes down to strengths. Designers make it look great. 
Developers make it work well.

The vast majority of designers don't code well. And the vast majority of 
developers don't design well. Both areas can make respectable efforts at 
playing on the other field. And the higher ups don't care who does what 
sometimes as long as it looks respectable and works decently.

My favorite "bitter drum" to beat is the one about developers using Photoshop 
and its dumbed down filters and layers effects to thrust the contrived copy-cat 
Web 2.0 "style" on us. :-) Maybe we should make Photoshop less of a toy for 
non-designers...it should require everyone to originate a concept and do 
thumbnail sketches with a pencil on paper first.

Thoughts to chew on :-) Feel free to agree or disagree (althought I may not 
respond quickly because I'm conducting a tour group for 4 hours, YIPES!).

Brian Mays
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