Thanks for showing these results.
I'm not missing the "attribute" method that much...and after this I don't feel any guilt for it. :)

-- Keith H --

Kenneth Kawamoto wrote:
I just run a quick and dirty test, and I think I can confirm that.

The following test for 10,000 times each:

testXML..*.( re["test"](attribute("title")));
testXML..topic.( re["test"](attribute("title")));
testXML.topics.topic.( re["test"](attribute("title")));
testXML.topics.topic.( re["test"](@title));
testXML.topics.topic.((re as RegExp).test(@title));

The result:


So the wildcard "*" is indeed slower, which is logical. But also "attribute()" is slower than "@", moreover "(re as RegExp).test()" is slower than "re["test"]()" - well they are all logical too, you may say :)

Kenneth Kawamoto

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