That was it, it works now, thanks.  Funny, I didn't notice that, I had
it in my code before, but somewhere along the line of messing with
things, it just switched back over to .toString() and I hadn't noticed.
Thanks everyone! 

One more question if I may - how can I exclude certain things like blank
spaces?  I mean, I could check the textfield, but it would seem there is
an easier way.  If I put a blank space (or nothing for that matter) in
the input text field and search for that, it returns all nodes.  I could
check the input text field, but I'd rather do it with a regular
expression (both for elegance and to learn).  The help docs are skimpy,
so excuse so many questions here.  It's also such a huge subject, it's
very hard to Google exactly what you need.

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