Thank you JC.  My partner was excited about it, but then something happened
that dissuaded him from using it.

I'll run it by him again and find out why.

Thanks for the note!


On Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 11:09 AM, Hans Wichman <>wrote:

> Hi Kurt,
> sorry don't have the time to help you out, would love to though:) but
> maybe it isn't necessary...
> have you thought about using box2d instead of CDK?
> regards,
> JC
> On 27/10/2012 16:49, Kurt Dommermuth wrote:
>> Hello People,
>> Someone is helping me program a game, but neither he nor I can handle some
>> aspects of it.  I won't speak for him, but the truth is my math skills
>> blow.
>> Is anyone out there confident that could make this skateboard game work?
>> We've got so much of it together, but the rails, ramps and platform just
>> aren't coming together well.  We're using CDK to help with the collision
>> detection.  In the version we have up there now we removed our attempts,
>> but the character is supposed to be able to jump up on rails and 'grind',
>> go up the rail on the platform and fly through the air and hit the ramp
>> and
>> fly through the air,  If doesn't jump onto the rail, he should sort of
>> bounce off it - same with the platform.  There are other nuances that
>> someone more skilled than me could address, but that's the basic idea.
>> I do have a budget for this, but time is tight.
>> Email me directly or whatever suits you if you know you could help.
>> Thanks all,
>> Kurt
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