I have no idea of what you just said.


I'm converting my one and only Flex app to 4 in the hopes that
management will see an advantage to using that.  Once (and if) it gets
to 4, I'm going to try to get 4.5 so I can make it into an app (my
distant dream).  Doing things in net is OK, but I'd rather stick with
Flex if I can.


I'm just dying on the completely different product from 3 and don't have
anywhere to turn but here.  Even simple things like I can't see in
design view half the application or you have to jump through hoops to
get a scroll bar to appear.  I think our contract with Adobe only has
support for LiveCycle.  So it's hit or miss on forums.


You probably hear that a lot and I appreciate the time you do spend
helping those of us that are lost at sea.




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You can always use an image/BitmapImage as one of the children/elements
of a container.  Doing so affects value of numChildren/numElements and
potentially other things in case it matters, and limits re-usability.
If you can do that, you might as well add it to the skin.

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        Thanks.  Now I know.
        I still need the effect, so can I put an image out there and
write over it (z-order)?  There would be two lines of text over the
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        Jerry, the spark theme doesn't support backgroundImage.  Every
capability has a cost, and we chose not to make the container
backgrounds as heavy as the Halo theme.  It doesn't matter how many
lines of code are in the skin if it doesn't include the logic to load
and position images.

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