Jon S Berndt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:

> On Wed, 03 Apr 2002 09:32:12 -0800
> >> Something is overwriting the xyz offsets in the c172-3d-set.xml or
> >> maybe it isn't reading that file?  Those are defaults from 
> >> somewhere...probably from c172-set.xml.
>   Andy Ross <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> replied:
> >YASim _sets_ those offsets based on its own configuration.  I think
> >this is a problem of data ownership -- who "owns" the location of the
> >cockpit?  I argue that it's the FDM, since it's the code responsible
> >for other issues of aircraft geometry.  But then the model wants it
> >too.
> I agree. The published geometric and physical properties 
> of the aircraft - necessary for the creation of an 
> aircraft flight model - often includes if not the exact 
> eyepoint of the pilot at least a diagram that allows the 
> flight modeler to deduce it.

That's fine, but this is really anybody's eye (as far as the viewer is 
concerned).  It could for example be a passenger in 5A on a dc3.  It doesn't
need to be tied to the FDM.  Now the origin location for the 3d model itself
is a different story and that probably should be addressed.  Right now it is 
set to whatever the fdm is reporting for lon/lat/alt (plus model offsets that
I think aren't being used any more?).



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