Jim Wilson wrote:
 > It's already inconsistent.  The model is one way (as you expected)
 > and the panel xml is x across and y up/down.

But this is OK -- these are different coordinate systems with
different usages.  You'll never put airframe coordinates into the
panel XML, nor use panel coordinates in a model file.

The problem with inconsistencies is when multiple conventions get used
for the *same* coordinates.  To take airframe coordinates as an
example (I'm not 100% certain on some of these):

JSBSim uses X-forward, Y-right, Z-down
YASim uses X-forward, Y-left, Z-up
The model ac3d file appears to use X-right, Y-forward, Z-up

All of these are right handed coordinates, and any of them could work.
Internally, it really doesn't matter what convention the subsystem
uses (YASim converts its coordinates to JSBSim conventions before
exporting them, for example).  But externally ("on the bus", as it
were), we really need to pick one and only one canonical way to
represent a unique point on the airframe.


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