Curtis L. Olson wrote:
 > Here's what make sense to me.
 > The FDM defines some aribitrary reference point (i.e. on the firewall)
 > and provides the lon/lat/elev of that point.
 > The FDM really doesn't care about the actual FlightGear view point.
 > It won't know if the user is flying from the left seat, the right
 > seat, or seat 5A in the DC-3.

Yeah, I've changed my mind; I agree with you.

The only sane place to put the responsibility for the view point is in
the model description.  It's all well and good for the FDM to know
where the cockpit it, but that won't do us any good when it goofs by
as little as 50cm and the pilot can't see over the panel.  :)

I'll chop the cockpit stuff out of YASim as soon as someone tells me
it's OK.


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