Jim Wilson wrote:
 > David Megginson wrote:
 > > I tried this
 > >
 > > fgfs --aircraft=c172-3d --fdm=yasim
 > >
 > > and had an interesting experience -- I ended up sitting on the runway
 > > a meter or two to the right of the plane, rather than inside it.
 > Something is overwriting the xyz offsets in the c172-3d-set.xml or maybe it
 > isn't reading that file?  Those are defaults from somewhere...probably from
 > c172-set.xml.

YASim _sets_ those offsets based on its own configuration.  I think
this is a problem of data ownership -- who "owns" the location of the
cockpit?  I argue that it's the FDM, since it's the code responsible
for other issues of aircraft geometry.  But then the model wants it
too.  I dunno.  Maybe the sane thing to do would be to put the cockpit
location into the model file, and work really hard to insure that the
coordinate origin is identical between the representations?  Yanking
this out of YASim is easy.

Beyond that, there appears to be an axis mismatch somewhere.  I
verified that the code worked with the old viewer (the 747 cockpit was
high, the 172 slightly to the left, etc...), but things might have
changed since.  We really need to write up a "coordinates bible" that
defines, once and for all, the conventions we're using. :)


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