Andy Ross <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:

> Jim Wilson wrote:
> Ultimate, the pilot position comes from the <cockpit> tag in the YASim
> .xml file.  The rationale here was that this was the best place to put
> the information about the cockpit position was in the aircraft
> definition.  But that was before the 3D model work got done.  Now,
> there are *two* aircraft definitions: one to decide on physical
> performance and one to control visual display.  Basically, we need to
> pick one mechanism.  I think the simplest thing to do would be to yank
> the YASim <cockpit> mechanism (and whatever JSB and UIUC do) and use
> the model stuff only.  Then, at least, we're guaranteed to be
> consistent across FDMs so long as we get the origin correct.

That's ok, but as I said earlier, the offsets that the viewer will use will be
defined elsewhere because they are not necessarily the true actual pilot's eye
point.  The only thing I can think of that the FDM should be concerned about 
reporting (for viewer/model use) other than orientation is the aircraft model where the origin should be.  Right now I believe the model's
origin is being placed at the lon/lat/alt that is set by the FDM, converted to
fg coordinates.

Note that this isn't taking center of gravity into consideration, so at some
point we should be adding in an offset to cg too (or is lon/lat/alt at cg)?



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