On Mon, 19 Apr 2004 07:11:26 -0700
 Andy Ross <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Jon S. Berndt wrote:
undefined reference to `___gxx_personality_v0'
undefined reference to `__Unwind_Resume'

Those are internal g++ things. It looks like you upgraded your compiler without doing a full rebuild? Versions of g++ are not binary-compatible between versions*.

Yeah, it was my mistake. I think what happened is that I upgraded parts of my CygWin installation in a bad way. When I uninstalled automake and autoconf, then reinstalled them cleanly, then did a make clean, and a complete rebuild of all the parts of FlightGear, things came out a lot nicer. I'm still not getting a full rebuild, but that's because of the recent JSBSim reorg and the Makefile changes that will need to be worked out, which hasn't been done yet.


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