Andy Ross writes:
> Giles Robertson wrote:
> > Not that I've noticed. It would be useful for mingw32. I've tried
> > building on that, and it compiles fine, but the linker fails because
> > the input is too long ;).
> The linker fails with long file lists?  That sounds odd -- 

The Windows cmd shell has a command line length limitation
that I get around by using MingW from a Cygwin bash shell.

Compiling from a bash shell under MSYS might work too
I don't really know as I haven't used it

Note when using bash under Cygwin you need to substitute
the Cygwin 'make' for the MingW 'make' and you will need to
configure using the appropriate --prefix argument for your system

Perhaps the easiest way around this is to use the standard way 
of overcoming the Windows command line length limitation by
redirecting the link command line to a file and then massaging that 
so as to have the final linking arguments to gcc be read from that file

I believe that this could be done using the --dry-run flag for make
but I have nevered tried this as I use a Cygwin shell as outlined above



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