Curtis L. Olson wrote:

> I am going to commit my OpenAL changes to SimGear and FlightGear this 
> afternoon.  I haven't seen even one negative comment on OpenAL since I 
> first brought this topic up several days ago ... so hopefully everyone 
> is on board with this change.
> I need help though from the Mac people and cygwin/mingwin people.  What 
> are the openal libraries called on these platforms.  At the moment the 
> configure script assumes we want to link with -lopenal, but I don't 
> expect this to work right for every platform.  I expect there may be a 
> couple days of head aches here while we get these platform dependent 
> differences ironed out.  Please be patient!

I updated and compiled FG with OpenAL flawlessly. Before I downloaded 
the Creative SDK for OpenAL and installed it. The headers are not in 
an AL/ directory, just Include, so I created this folder and moved the
files to it.

I added the path to the headers and the libraries in the IDE and 
libraries 'OpenAL32.lib ALut.lib' in the flightgear project file.

I was going to report a success because I was able to ear 3 samples
at the same time, but fgfs was unable to stop when I hit ESC then 
confirm by clicking OK. The program just hang with the sound still 
playing. I killed the program but the sounds are still here. I 
also restart FG in the hope it will kill sound at init but they are 
still here and rehang and rekill.

I will need to reboot to stop that ILS marker that make me crazy.


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