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Frederic Bouvier wrote:

I updated and compiled FG with OpenAL flawlessly. Before I downloaded the Creative SDK for OpenAL and installed it. The headers are not in an AL/ directory, just Include, so I created this folder and moved the
files to it.

I added the path to the headers and the libraries in the IDE and libraries 'OpenAL32.lib ALut.lib' in the flightgear project file.

I was going to report a success because I was able to ear 3 samples
at the same time, but fgfs was unable to stop when I hit ESC then confirm by clicking OK. The program just hang with the sound still playing. I killed the program but the sounds are still here. I also restart FG in the hope it will kill sound at init but they are still here and rehang and rekill.

I will need to reboot to stop that ILS marker that make me crazy.

It doesn't look like the sound manager destructor is ever getting called.

This should happen inside of the globals destructor, but that is never getting called either. I don't think any one has paid much attention to cleanup and exiting from FG, but we may need to address this now.

Do we need an atexit() function that will clean things up for us?



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