Curtis L. Olson wrote:

> Curtis L. Olson wrote:
> > Frederic Bouvier wrote:
> >
> >> I updated and compiled FG with OpenAL flawlessly. Before I downloaded 
> >> the Creative SDK for OpenAL and installed it. The headers are not in 
> >> an AL/ directory, just Include, so I created this folder and moved the
> >> files to it.
> >>
> >> I added the path to the headers and the libraries in the IDE and 
> >> libraries 'OpenAL32.lib ALut.lib' in the flightgear project file.
> >>
> >> I was going to report a success because I was able to ear 3 samples
> >> at the same time, but fgfs was unable to stop when I hit ESC then 
> >> confirm by clicking OK. The program just hang with the sound still 
> >> playing. I killed the program but the sounds are still here. I also 
> >> restart FG in the hope it will kill sound at init but they are still 
> >> here and rehang and rekill.
> >>
> >> I will need to reboot to stop that ILS marker that make me crazy.
> >
> It doesn't look like the sound manager destructor is ever getting called.
> This should happen inside of the globals destructor, but that is never 
> getting called either.  I don't think any one has paid much attention to 
> cleanup and exiting from FG, but we may need to address this now.
> Do we need an atexit() function that will clean things up for us?

What is the right way to exit the main loop, rather than just calling 
exit() ?

If there is no other option, we need an atexit call.

I put alutExit() before exit(), with a sample playing from a previous run
and the sound created by this instance are shut, the program stop as
expected and my crazy sample is still playing. Rebooting once again...


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