On May 15, 2004 01:31 am, Chris Metzler wrote:
> The problem I have at this point is good source photos.

In my opinion, pictures aren't really that useful.  Sure, they may give you 
information on various details, but when you are modeling something, you 
would find dimensions more helpful.

When you have enough numbers, you won't even need pictures.  The amount of 
time it takes for the models to be completed can be shorten trenmendously.  
The whole modelling experience will also be more enjoyable, as the modellers 
don't need to work, and rework, and work on the samething over and over again 
until it "looks right" (which is pretty boring, not to mention fustrating).  
The only problem is that the numbers are not easy to find.

The second most important thing is a set of coordinates: you need them to know 
where to position various structures.  So for those who have GPS reciever, it 
will actually be helpful if they can walk to the corners of various buildings 
and record their locations.

On May 15, 2004 01:31 am, Chris Metzler wrote:
> Yeah.  I'd like to do this; I'm using it as an excuse to learn Blender.

I wouldn't mind doing this also.  This will give me a chance to learn Blender 
as well.

So right now, we have three modellers who have expressed interests. ;-)


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