On Saturday 15 May 2004 17:06, Jim Wilson wrote:
> Chris Metzler said:
> > 7.  Are there any guidelines for maximum complexity of 3D models
> > for scenery?  On one hand, I want to make cool things.  But OTOH,
> > I don't want to make things which are so cool that they won't get
> > used because they're too apt to drag framerates down into the
> > dirt.
> I'd take a look at what is there already.  If you are adding to the
> collection of the generic buildings then keep the geometry super simple and
> textures under 64x64.  For more complex landmark type models like the
> Golden Gate bridge, you can get do more (maybe total of 256x256... e.g. 4 
> 64x64 textures) but you will want to make sure for now that there won't be
> too many of these in view at the same time.   Downtown San Francisco area
> is pretty well maxed out now.
> Since so many folks have expressed interest in doing this kind of modeling,
> it might be nice to build alternative scenery distributions for specific
> urban areas similar to San Franscisco as distributed in the FlightGear base
> package.
> Best,
> Jim

I seem to recall discussing how we could include specific scenery features on 
this list sometime in the past but I can't remember if any conclusions were  

Would it be possible to pull the scenery objects out of the terrain & usage 
data i.e. the current /Scenery data, and put them in a separate folder?

This would mean that the scenery objects would have to include the location 
data - lat, lon & alt - but that, along with any animation stuff such as 
warning and night lights, opening swing bridges and rotating restaurants 
could be defined in XML.

Could the routines that place the random objects be adapted to place specific 

Incidentally, I've noticed that although the random objects are placed 
randomly, they get placed in the same place each time I run fgfs - for 
example, as well as KSFO I also use EGLL for glide slope and landing testing 
and every time I go in there on 27R there's the same red building, in the 
same place, about half a mile before the runway.  To me it's already become a 


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