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> Here's a quick status update on my efforts to update the world scenery 
> build.
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This all sounds extremely, extremely cool.  Thanks for all the effort
you've put into this.

I have a couple of questions:

> - We have added beautifully modeled rotating beacons, wind socks, and 
> control towers to most airports that have them.  The location of these 
> items are stored in Robin's database, so if the position of these items 
> are wrong, we can submit fixes for them.

Will these still be in separate .ac files, so that they can be replaced
if desired?  As I learn blender, one thing I've wanted to do (and make
available to others) is make distinctive control towers that look like
the ones at specific airports, e.g.


> - Robin has made many updates to his airport database which will be 
> reflected in this new build.  This will be most noticable in terms of 
> many new/corrected taxiways as well as the beacons, windsocks and towers
> mentioned earlier.

The database that came with 0.9.4 had taxiways mainly just for big
airports.  Will this updated database have them for many smaller
airports as well?  I ask because I've been using David Luff's
TaxiDraw to make taxiways for the smaller airports in the default
area in hopes of contributing that work; but if that's not useful,
I'll do something else.

Thanks very much again; I'm really looking forward to the new scenery.


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