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> Chris Metzler wrote:
>> The database that came with 0.9.4 had taxiways mainly just for big
>> airports.  Will this updated database have them for many smaller
>> airports as well?  I ask because I've been using David Luff's
>> TaxiDraw to make taxiways for the smaller airports in the default
>> area in hopes of contributing that work; but if that's not useful,
>> I'll do something else.
> The standard answer to this is that you should submit any and all 
> taxiway updates to Robin Peel in "X-Plane" format for inclusion in his 
> database.  Then they will (should?) get included in flightgear after his
> next data release.  This is not well tested, but I look forward to 
> future success stories once we start contributing taxiway data in 
> "X-Plane" format.

Right (although I've been told to hold off just yet, because there's
no easy way to put our stuff in X-Plane format now).  But what I'm
wondering is what the contents of the database he's got now are, so
that I don't duplicate effort.  Put another way, is the most-current
runways.dat, with the data that'll be incorporated into this scenery
build, available in CVS?  If so, I can compare it to the current one,
see what airports have had taxiways added, and hold off on doing
those ones.



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