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I've not had chance to look at the runways file yet, but are the taxiways automatically generated if none are available in the file? It seems there's a generic parallel taxiways with exit points at both ends and the centre added to all the runways. If it's automatic, I'll ignore it, if it's been added to the runways file then I can provide a few corrections.

It's automatic, but it is done by Robin for airports that don't have specific taxiways as he builds the data file.

The terrain seems far better than the scenery I've been generating - and is presumably from the same source data - this may be due to the chopping of long polys - I'm compiling a current terragear checkout now to see if that's what makes the difference - if not I'll be after your settings for terrafit/arrayfit :-)

Make sure the tools aren't finding a lower res data set before the higher res set ...

The code that places the windsocks seems to occasionally leave them floating a few feet off the ground, although most seem fine. Is the code used for placing them only suitable for use within the airfield boundary, or could it be used for placing static objects too?

Right now it just places them in airport environments ... the floating wind socks are on my todo list to fix ...

Amazing effort Curt - this makes the old scenery look positively prehistoric.

Thanks, I've got most of the northern hemisphere done now and am starting on the southern hemisphere.



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