Chris Metzler wrote:

This all sounds extremely, extremely cool.  Thanks for all the effort
you've put into this.

I have a couple of questions:

Will these still be in separate .ac files, so that they can be replaced
if desired?  As I learn blender, one thing I've wanted to do (and make
available to others) is make distinctive control towers that look like
the ones at specific airports, e.g.

Custom towers should be doable. We may need to do a little work to think about the best way to handle this, but if you or others are willing to spend the time creating the models, then we definitely need to figure out how to easily incorporate them.

The database that came with 0.9.4 had taxiways mainly just for big
airports. Will this updated database have them for many smaller
airports as well? I ask because I've been using David Luff's
TaxiDraw to make taxiways for the smaller airports in the default
area in hopes of contributing that work; but if that's not useful,
I'll do something else.

The standard answer to this is that you should submit any and all taxiway updates to Robin Peel in "X-Plane" format for inclusion in his database. Then they will (should?) get included in flightgear after his next data release. This is not well tested, but I look forward to future success stories once we start contributing taxiway data in "X-Plane" format.



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