Hi All
I have run into a bit of a problem using the transparency
Firstly I have an engine texure that when the mask is
not present the texure is quite smooth but when I
add the mask to the texture the side of the engine
looks like a series of planks laid side by side(probably
a bad explanation).Has anyone else experienced
anything like this.
Secoundly when I look through the transparent
Windows I can see some parts of the fuselage interior
and some parts not(the fuselage is 2 sided).The other
day I was modifying the model and I got most of the interior
to show through the widows.But then I moded it again and now
only part of the fuselage shows again.It is like the transparency needs
to see the parts of the model in a certian order but I have not been
able to figure out how to do it.
Has anybody got any ideas on this.
If I place myself inside the fuselage and look around every thing looks
fine.All I can see is the interior of the plane but if I look in through a
window then I see the effect described above.
Any help greatly appreciated


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