Are you trying to do the passenger cabin windows or the cockpit windows?

For the cockpit/flightdeck, you're really going to have to model the windows 
and frames - this can be tricky work but it's really the only way to get a 
decent VC environment.

For the passenger cabin windows, I think it's better not to make them 
transparent at all and fake them with a suitable picture or just a colour 
shade - usually a simple dark black-blue colour is ok.

The problem with trying to make windows using transparency is that when you 
look through the windows from the outside, looking into the fuselage, you'll 
be seeing the back-face of the polys making up the other side of the 
fuselage.  If you're using single-sided polys the other side of the fuselage 
will not be rendered, so you'll see straight through to the land or sky 
behind - looks odd.  I can't remember exactly what happens if you use 
double-sided polys, but think there were problems with that approach too, 
quite apart from increasing the render work-load.

Splitting the fuselage into left and right hand sides only works from one side 
- the order is wrong from the other side.

Trying to do the cockpit using transparency brings all the above problems plus 
the inevitable 'fade' between transparent and non-transparent objects.


On Wednesday 14 July 2004 14:02, Innis Cunningham wrote:
> Thanks Fred and Vivian
> What I have is a full fuselage object that has a texture
> with a mask applied to add the transparent windows.
> As the fuselage is all one object I cant move it up or
> down.
> What I will try is to fragment the fuselage and move the surfaces
> that will be tranparent to the bottom and re merge the object
> and see what happens.
> Thanks again
> Cheers
> Innis
>   "Frederic Bouvier"writes
> >In order to see what is behind a transparent surface, the things behind
> >must be drawn *before* the transparent surfaces. This is true if the
> >non transparent surfaces come before the transparent one in the model.
> >You can do this by reordering part with the modeler ( I think ac3d as
> >a panel to do this ) or by ordering them with animations in the xml
> >file as I describe in a previous thread.
> >
> >It is sometime hard to have the correct ordering for both sides so
> >I prefer to have two single-sided object rather than a single
> >double-sided one. This way, I can tweak ordering independantly for
> >all view directions. This was especially useful for the bridge that
> >make a great use of transparent textures ( look at east bay bridge
> >to see what I mean ).
> >HTH
> >
> >-Fred
> >
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