Erik Hofman wrote:
This is the penalty for those who want eye-candy. If specular highlighting is supported it will be enabled an make FlightGear slower.

I noticed some enhancements in the new rendering dialog, and would like to ask how feasible it would be to integrate even more performance-related options into that rendering dialog. (see my other posting)

So, generally I am talking about the rendering options that one can
already provide via command line. It might be really useful if you
could change these while the game is running - just for every user
to be able to achieve a reasonable frame rate, this is just because
I also noticed some decrease in FPS with the latest CVS built - and
would like to be able to find the best configuration directly
within the game.

We could even introduce some basic kind of "rendering profiles",
using comboboxes users could define their profiles and switch
the profiles on the fly.

Just a thought, though ...

By the way: I noticed that the feature request/bug report options
at sourceforge were being used at some time, is this still being
maintained or at least looked at regularly ?

Because, otherwise I would really suggest to separately install
some kind of feature/bug database at - just drop
me a line if you need help doing that. :-)

------- Boris

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