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> * Alex Romosan -- Friday 06 August 2004 21:31:
>> and i noticed that the collective is mapped backwards
>> (up goes down and down goes up).
> Yes, and that's the way it should be and there's no way in hell to have
> this changed. If you don't like how helicopters work, don't fly them. There
> are enough fixed wing aircrafts.

okay, then you should change the default so the helicopter starts with
the collective up so the helicopter doesn't just take off once you
start the rotor. as for the "there's no way in hell to have this
changed" i beg to differ: i've already made the change in my local
copy and i intend to keep that way :-)

>> also i find PageUp and PageDown to be 
>> cumbersome, so i mapped the collective to the 1 and 2 keys (so i can
>> use my left hand).
> Collective is where all aircrafts have the throttle. That's because there's
> no alternative for the collective on joysticks other than the throttle.
> I don't mind *additional* keys for collective, though.

i am not sure what the collective has to do with the throttle. if i
understand this correctly, the collective changes the pitch of the
rotor blades. i thought helicopters don't have a throttle the way
fixed wing aircraft do: i.e. the engine is always at a constant rpm.
but then i am not a helicopter pilot so i might be wrong.


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