* Gunnstein Lye -- Monday 09 August 2004 16:35:
> Seriously though, it seems the problem here is that most, but not all, find it 
> logical to map the up/down behaviour of a collective to the backward/forward 
> motion of a joystick (or joystick throttle). There is no right or wrong here, 
> as there is no logical way to translate Y-axis movement to the Z-axis.

Yes, there is: pull -> raise, push -> sink. It doesn't matter how the joystick
is mounted. This is the right and realistic way. The other may be consistent
with fixed wing and newbie friendly, but fgfs' goal is realism. It's not a
game, but a simulator after all. I'm tending more and more to revert today's

> Solution: make the default whatever most people agree on, but make it easy to 
> invert, as in X-Plane where you have an invert button next to each joystick 
> axis.

That was my first solution, but the patch was rejected ("please not yet another
property"). I inverted the collective axis in the YASim config then.


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