On Monday 09 August 2004 17:13, Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> * Gunnstein Lye -- Monday 09 August 2004 16:35:
> > Seriously though, it seems the problem here is that most, but not all,
> > find it logical to map the up/down behaviour of a collective to the
> > backward/forward motion of a joystick (or joystick throttle). There is no
> > right or wrong here, as there is no logical way to translate Y-axis
> > movement to the Z-axis.
> Yes, there is: pull -> raise, push -> sink. It doesn't matter how the
> joystick is mounted. This is the right and realistic way. The other may be
> consistent with fixed wing and newbie friendly, but fgfs' goal is realism.
> It's not a game, but a simulator after all. I'm tending more and more to
> revert today's patch.

Okay, for joystick throttles I agree with you. (Although personally I would go 
for the "second joystick" option.)

For buttons, on the other hand, I think "up" should mean up.

> > Solution: make the default whatever most people agree on, but make it
> > easy to invert, as in X-Plane where you have an invert button next to
> > each joystick axis.
> That was my first solution, but the patch was rejected ("please not yet
> another property"). I inverted the collective axis in the YASim config
> then.

Too bad.

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