I'm glad plib built for you. I only put plib and other flightgear files in a local tree and use --prefix so configure can find them. Also that way, I don't have to worry about old versions of plib that might be on my system somewhere.

if you use --prefix with a non-system directory, you can avoid having to use sudo make install for library installation also.

Lots of people on the list have run into problems related to old(er) versions of libraries on their systems in multiple paths. I'm sure that I ran into this one before I started using --prefix

On Nov 10, 2004, at 2:49 PM, Arthur wrote:

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Well... I got simgear configured.

Before I didn't specify --prefix for plib or simgear. Now I made a
directory called fgfs in / and install plib  there and then specified
that plib was installed there when configuring simgear and used the
same prefix for simgear. Now it worked.
This leads me to thinking it was a crazy permissions problem!

Well at least it works now and I will be making a Mac OS X installer
package for plib 1.8.3 and posting it online for other people like me.

Next step is to get simgear and flightgear to compile. I guess you'll
hear from me again soon.

good luck! Use the same --prefix for plib, simgear and flightgear. Is everything building OK now? Remember you can't mix and match release and CVS versions, either release plib, simgear and flightgear source OR CVS plib, simgear, flightgear source.

There is also talk on the list recently about file name collisions on case preserving but not case significant file systems (like cygwin and mac os x). You'll see this when you're downloading the data from cvs under mac os x, if you're using HFS+ as opposed to a *nix file system on your Mac with a few files unless they've been fixed already.

Anyway you want CVS plib to have Olivier's great joystick fixes anyway. I'm not sure they're in a release yet. I use the CVS source tree, which a few times a year gets into a non-buildable state for a day or two but is not usually a problem.

I don't have Mac os X installs for anything, but one of the other Mac people (Jonathan, perhaps?) had created a Mac os X cocoa executable for FGFS. I don't recall if they had an app for installation, however. I think it was just drag and drop. I don't know if this app has been updated.

I'm assuming you no longer need ./lib/libplibXXX and ./include/plib sent to you? 8-)

Have fun and please let the list know how it goes.

Provided you've got the dependencies installed, the Mac OS X build goes just like any other *nix clone 8-). Hopefully, you'll have no build problems once you're using --prefix. Just remember to build flightgear using ./configure --without-x unless you want to use X11 on mac os x (which is NOT installed by default).

There, I think that's all the mac related screwups, I've done 8-)

Enjoy the world's best Mac OS X opensource flightsim...

Now if someone would just do Washington, DC scenery for flightgear. I used to have a nice DC add-on for XPlane...


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