Arthur, isn't in CVS. It is generated by automake.

GNU Automake -
Freeware - Generates files from input files, as part of the official GNU coding standards and build process. Requires GNU autoconf.
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are you running ./ without an errors? Have you updated aclocal and autoconf also?

I just did a make clean and a plib build from cvs and it worked fine under Mac os X (10.6). The rest of the build went ok also (simgear and flightgear) though I had a modified (flightgear) Input/input.cxx and Main/options.cxx. The FlightGear changes are for debugging some things I was looking at at one time...

I'm doing a 'make clean install' for SimGear and FlightGear now from latest (1700 GMT) cvs. My plib and simgear are straight from cvs, flightgear and data are straight from cvs (no modified local copies, except for the FlightGear input.cxx and options.cxx files that I mentioned above).


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Since I was getting nowhere trying to build FG 0.9.6 I checked it out
from CVS instead. After getting automake 1.9.3 I was able to run and configure but it seems is missing in CVS.

configure: creating ./config.status
config.status: creating Makefile
config.status: error: cannot find input file:

That seems hard to believe though although it's true. I have no

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