> Ok wrong word.  Let me just say that it seems to lack some magic.  Setting up
> the p51d in Yasim was not my original intention as Jon S. Berdnt was claiming
> at the time I started the 3D that he had a nearly working JSBSim model.

 ... which I did. I thought. The more I looked at the numbers for aero 
qualities that I
was getting from DATCOM, the more I realized something was amiss. Also, at the 
time I
believe our engine capabilities were not what I thought they were. Now we have a
turbocharged piston engine model. It's still something I want to return to, but 
changed - some in response to address the changes needed to build a better 
P-51D. I
apologize for my premature statements - I didn't know at the time that I would 
run into
the hurdles that I encountered late in the process.


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