Hi all,

Now that our data has been "properly" branched, I would like to move to using 
PNG (or, where suitable, JPEG) textures in my models.  I've seen no drawbacks 
in my testing so far, only considerable benefits...

In disk space:
2.5M 2008-02-18 20:50 throttle_panel.rgb
981K 2008-02-18 20:50 throttle_panel.png

...and even more importantly (to me) in simplifying workflow.

I can compose a texture in inkscape, export it to PNG with a keystroke or two 
and see the results in AC3D virtually instantly.  Using RGB means converting 
the png output from inkscape to rgb before reloading in ac3d - one extra 
step, but when you repeat the above process literally hundreds of times the 
extra hassle is very significant.

I'm not suggesting we convert all our existing textures to PNG or JPEG, only 
asking if there is any objection to my using such textures in models destined 
for CVS from now on.




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