On 30 Jul 2008, at 11:29, Erik Hofman wrote:

> To continue this discussion a bit (please add your comments) James  
> an I
> had a short discussion about using std::string (for example)  
> everywhere
> in the file or using " using std::string;" at the beginning. James
> pointed out that the suing std:: statement in header files might not  
> be
> a good idea, but to my opinion it improves readability by using it in
> the .cxx files rater that spreading std::string across the file.
> Any comments on this?
> I tend to go for using std:: in the .cxx files unless it is for one or
> two references in the code.

And to point out, I was biased due to contributing lots in the past to  
a project with some C++ uh, pedants, who regarding 'using' as very  
particular tool, not something to save some typing.

I am pretty much convinced by Erik's argument that in source files, if  
it's more than a couple of usages, a 'using std::foo' is fine and  


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