Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> * Erik Hofman -- Wednesday 30 July 2008:
>> To continue this discussion a bit (please add your comments) James an I 
>> had a short discussion about using std::string (for example) everywhere 
>> in the file or using " using std::string;" at the beginning.
> I think this shouldn't be a policy question at all. Sometimes one
> "using std::string" for the whole file makes the most sense,
> sometimes it makes more sense to have that in only the few
> functions that need it, and sometimes an explicit namespace
> prefix per access seems preferable.
> IOW: Leave it to the developer.

Well I got some patches from James that turned 'using std::' into std::, 
hence the question. In this case someone else is changing it rather than 
the developer himself.


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