* Erik Hofman -- Wednesday 30 July 2008:
> Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> > * Erik Hofman -- Wednesday 30 July 2008:
> > IOW: Leave it to the developer.
> Well I got some patches from James that turned 'using std::'
> into std::, hence the question. 

Yes, I undestood the situation and the question perfectly well.
The original author chose one of the possible versions, and
James submitted a patch to change them all according to a
(not yet existing) policy. And I'm against a policy in this

Actually, I think that putting std:: at every reference is
not preferable, as in 99% of the cases we mean std::string,
and in 100% we mean std::cout, so the prefix is basically
redundant noise. Do we actually have more than one or two
cases where a name by itself would look ambiguous? I'm only
aware of ./src/GUI/AirportList.cxx, where "string" would be
considered a pu-member without the std.

But then again, I don't really have a strong preference.


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