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> 11: RC Pilot.  Stays under 400' AGL and outside a 3 mile radius from any
> airport.  Probably flying at a club site and doesn't care about air spaces.
> Has no way to estimate if he's over or under 400' AGL and probably is
> flying a plane that can climb 500' per second and hover at 2 clicks of
> throttle.  Is annoyed when a VIP flies into the big airport 30 miles away
> and his club field is just barely inside the TFR radius and he can't even go
> out there and fly a paper airplane for several hours.
11a: RC Pilot.  Flies out of backyard whenever the hell he wants, 
regularly sees how high he can get using a 2lb electric Slow-Stik and a 
fancy altimeter downlink.  Doesn't worry about how tiny a 40" model is at 
2000ft, has FPV goggles for that.



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