Hi all

To improve our map resources with further data I started an experiment 
with free available airspace data. Actually this is far from being a 
good map and finished design, it is just a start to implement 
(unofficial!) airspace information:

I need probably some advice from real pilots around here for what is 
useful to map for FlightGear airspace, and how this should be displayed. 
I think I am aware of regular ICAO graphics definitions etc. But I dont 
want to design well known (and also free available) maps, I just want to 
develop a design as a "overview" and some really necessary items i.e. 
for learning the basics or whatelse. There is no RFC for what I am doing 
here, I am just playing around with data and an new Mapnik Server and 
ask for discussion and contribution.

(Notice, my new signature since I send this links to the list and 
elsewhere: Please do not use any of this material for real navigation! 
NEVER. Do only use this to help developing and improving the design of 
my maps ;-).

Cheers, Yves

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