On 26 Nov 2012, at 17:11, Adrian Musceac <kanto...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I have added VOR, localizer and glideslope signal calculations for the old 
> (classic) navradios (navradio.cxx)
> Now an ILS navaid is basically considered as two separate stations: Localizer 
> and glideslope, as in reality. Both these stations can have separate 
> parameters like transmitter power, antenna type etc.
> Tested ok on C172p, but I've seen other aircraft that fail to set the GS flag 
> when the GS signal is lost and LOC signal still present.
> Localizer on backcourse has range about half the normal one, due to the 
> antenna patterns.
> This still needs testing for realism, especially since I'm not very happy 
> with 
> the antenna patterns I'm using, and the transmitter powers may be well off 
> for 
> ILS (but are ok for VOR's, according to data I have).
> Merge request #1568 has been updated today to reflect the changes.
> The antenna pattern used everywhere should go into $FGDATA/Navaids/Antennas/ 
> but I'm really not keen on placing a merge request for only one text file, so 
> awaiting suggestions.

I'll do a review if no-one beats me to it, but this definitely needs to be 
'off-by-default' for the next release. We can add a checkbox to the realism 
dialog to enable it from the GUI, and give aircraft authors a chance to adapt.

Well, that's my opinion at least.

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