At 03:37 25/01/02, Matt Savino wrote:
> > Arved, thanks for the status update. Looking forward to .20.3, and would
> > love to get a rough, non-binding idea when the redesign might be
> > accomplished.

If you ask this sort of question on any Apache project where Jon S Stevens 
is active you will usually get the response: "It'll be ready when its 
ready." I get the impression that the redesign is at very early stages and 
therefore any kind of time estimate should not be relied on.

The other response is "Thanks for volunteering to help with the redesign" :-)

The one he doesn't usually give is "Do you want to pay for some Java 
developers to work on Fop because I'm sure we can offer a support contract" 
:-) There are a few companies willing to help enhance Fop if you pay them.


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