Pete Tribulski wrote:
> > One of our primary tenets is "no beta software should be included in
> > production applications".

This is a problem statement for any open source software. Although a 
particular version may be called a "release" in Open Source circles this 
usually does mean that it is still beta software. Open Source software is 
usually tested by the users. The principle of "release often" means that 
there is usually little time spent on testing before a release.

I guess the best we can do is enhance the regression suite to such a level 
that it satisfies your software lawyers? This would benefit the developers 
too. I know a bunch of Java / XML developers in London who would be happy 
to do this if someone paid them to :-)

Oops mentioned something commercial on the mailing list. <memo 
to="myself">Must Stop Touting For Business</memo>


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