On Friday 25 January 2002 00:12, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
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> I am involved with the approval process for bringing new technology into
> our company.  We have several development groups who have seen the FOP
> engine and would like to include it their applications. 
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> One of our primary tenets is "no beta software should be included in
> production applications".
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Depending on the costs your company would incur if going for a commercial 
solution, wouldn't it be cheaper to contribute some resources to the FOP 
project for testing?

There have been some testing efforts in the past year, but IMHO having 
someone come from the outside and design or complete conformance + stability 
tests would be a great contribution to the project.

As Arved indicated, although FOP has known limitations it is fairly usable 
for a lot of applications today. Being able to measure this usability would 
be great!

 -- Bertrand Delacrétaz, www.codeconsult.ch
 -- jfor.org lead developer

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