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 AH> Now that a few more people are interested in this:

 AH> I think that it would be more useful if the basic AWT API returned a
 AH> JPanel rather than a JFrame.  I want to use it in a JInternalFrame
 AH> rather than a
 AH> JFrame to mimic standard Windoze print preview behaviour.  Somebody
 AH> else wants to use an applet.  It's also nice to be able to offer a
 AH> .save(File f)
 AH> option from the API/viewer so that viewers can save the report as
 AH> well as view and print it.

>From my practice the best way to make this flexible is just give JPanel without any 
Just a report. And implement into this "pane" methods to switch pages, zoom, import 
And, If I need preview window I will do preview by myself with my buttons and my style.
I think this is right way to do it.

Yours sincerely, Ivan Latysh.

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