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> At 14:27 12/03/02, Keiron Liddle wrote:
> > > FOP behaves exactly the same but instead of having its own pdf
> > generation code then iText is
>  > used as a library to generate pdf.
> I agree that if anything iText could be considered as a "plugin" for PDF
> generation and FOP as an XSL:FO processor which could use iText to
> the end result. I think however it would require a significant software
> change which I am not qualified to estimate. Those more familiar with the
> FOP source code can evaluate that.
> > > So the questions are:
> > > - is the license useable
> > > - is the api sufficient for FOP to use
> A look at Sourceforge tells us that the licenCes (bloody Americans can't
> spell English words) are
> License: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), Mozilla Public License
> If Bruno is still the copyright holder then he can presumably simply "add"
> an Apache-style licence.
> I don't feel comfortable using the LGPL for this and don't know about the
> Mozilla license.

Any *GPL licenced stuff cannot go in Apache CVS.
If the code goes in the Apache CVS, it must have Apache licen(c|s)e.

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