(as a guess I would say you haven't beed subscribed long enough :)

There was a notice of this a number of months ago. Admittedly we have it 
the other way around. Maintenance releases are made from a branch. So the 
main branch is where the active development is happening.

So where are we:
I am going to great lengths to describe how it all works so others will 
have the knowledge to help out.
Many others are helping with ideas and requirements.
Not much code is getting done because people are busy and the issues are 
complex (many of the side issues are being dealt with)
The maintenance branch is being updated for bugs etc.

I am hoping people will get to a point where they feel ready to jump in.

So what needs to be done:
Finish the implementation of the line layout
do the page layout
then do all fo's
handle other issues
then hopefully we will be ready for a developers release (version number 
yet to be decided)

On 2002.03.14 08:49 Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> Although I'm subscribed to this mailing list for quite some time now, I
> didn't really understand the status of the works that are going on to get
> to
> FOP2 or whatever you are going to call it.
> AFAIK, changing codebase requires a notice of this, a branch in CVS (no
> vote
> is necessary), and a final VOTE if the codebase is to switch.
> This is how Tomcat, Xalan, Xerces and many other projects did it, and how
> the priject guidelines advise. (http://xml.apache.org/source.html)
> What's the current status?

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